About us

  • Banerjee Apparel is a Canadian company which was founded in 2016. Our day to day business operations are run in Canada. We are a online retail inspirational, motivational, and entrepreneurial fashion apparel company that ships Worldwide with our distribution centres located in California, North Carolina & Latvia!
  • The concept and vision behind Banerjee Apparel is "Inspire A Difference". In life you always have a opportunity to learn from other peers by being able to see/hear their stories on how they reached their success in this journey called Life. Whether you are striving to have success in business, sports, academics, or anything that involves personal growth to make you a better human being is what we love to see and support. At Banerjee Apparel we have created a philosophy where we as well want to show others that dedication, positivity, perseverance, and being goal driven can make you achieve those goals and dreams you have always wanted to attain. With Banerjee Apparel you will be able to show others by wearing our inspirational, motivational, and entrepreneurial apparel that there is hope in life to chase your dreams while creating a positive and goal driven mindset for yourself along the way.
  • Be proud to wear Banerjee Apparel. Now is the time to start looking and feeling great while spreading your positive wisdom to inspire others that hard work does bring SUCCESS!
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