Banerjee Apparel Refund/Misprints Policy

We do not do returns or refunds as we make our apparel custom to order. And we are not a store that re-sells clothing or items. We do not offer refunds if you don't like the quality or look of your items, but rather we can send you a replacement if your items are misprinted or defective. Again we are not a clothing reseller, we just create custom made apparel per order hence why we do not take returns or refunds. 

Please contact us within the allowed 30 days from the date of when you first ordered your Banerjee Apparel if any items are misprinted upon your delivery. For the apparel itself we do not provide replacements if the sizing is not fitting you properly. Please make sure to look at our sizing charts and do your measurements as best as possible before you order. Send us an email below for any misprints/defects of your items.

Thank you.